Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mixed Bag Of Fun

I have been putting the final touches on Avadon: The Black Fortress for Windows in the hope of releasing it next week. I have also been shepherding the game through beta-testing on the iPad. The rest of my time has been spent trying to convince myself that I'm not having a heart attack. Also, wishing they made office desks with hutches with space in the middle for a large iMac.

(Boy. It would be funny if I really did have a heart attack now. People would link to this blog post and go, "Wow! Irony!" in the same way everyone gets totally tickled to find the Facebook page of a recent mass-murderer. And remember, if I do die, and you pirate Avadon, I will then be able to totally haunt you and I'll be floating by the ceiling when you use the bathroom, making spooky noises.)

(I'm just sayin'.)

In the meantime, if you want to satisfy your cravings for hearing me discuss finer points of computer design in my weird voice, you should go here. It's a Podcast Interview for The Veteran Gamers, and it turned out OK. It should be worth your time, as I talk very quickly.

Finally, as I write this, the Playstation Network has been down for eight days. What's up with that? Networks go down. That's what they do. But eight days? Wow. Can you imagine the apocalypse of sleep-deprived horror going on at Sony now? Something crazy much be wrong.

Normally I wouldn't care, because most of my gaming is single-player, but my PS3 is my Netflix device. I can't watch Netflix on my XBox because the fans in that thing sound like a jet engine powering up. And Netflix on the Playstation requires PSN to work. Because everything about PSN has always been designed from a place of deep hate.


  1. Actually, you can get to Netflix on your PS3 without having PSN! It's kind of a hack, and you can only view your queue, but:

    1. Load Netflix app.
    2. Click "sign in".
    3. Cancel out of it once it fails.
    4. Click "sign in" again.
    5. Cancel out of that again.

    Ta-da, now you should have your queue to watch.

    I totally agree with you on the Netflix on 360 thing, too. I much prefer my PS3 for video and single player games because of the vacuum noise.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. They discovered it was hackers. Wow! Soon I can finally play Avadon! Yes!!! (I have windows.)

  3. I've been checking here and the main site for your games almost every other day. ...And Occasionally every day... for the windows release of Avadon.

    My dad got me hooked when he bought me Nethergate more than 10 years ago. (Shameless nerdy genes are shameless.) Played Geneforges and Avernums. Now I'm dying to get my hands on Avadon. And as much as I'd hate to see anyone have health issues, if you die.. haunt someone who can finish the game. That's my lovely way of saying hoping you are well. ;D

    (Of course that would so be your first priority as a ghost, right? Not spying on nudity [during the remaining remnants of human perversion], terrifying all your friends and then (and only then) checking on your loved ones. Not at all. Must satisfy windows users.)

    Thanks for working hard and continuing in the genius that is your knack for RPG creation.

  4. What Daniel said - PSN not required for Netflix.

  5. You may also want to check out the Roku box for streaming. Totally silent and it aggregates a lot of streaming content. Thanks for the blog (and Irony of my all time faves!)

  6. Yes, but don't go back to netflixin' until we get Avadon for pc. Patience is gone,... must see Redbeard!

  7. OK, Netflix away, Mr. Vogel. I now have plenty to do for a while...

  8. The missus uses our PS3 both for Netflix and Hulu+. Netflix, you can work around as you folks suggest. Hulu's app traps you in an endless loop, asking for can't exit the app via the usual methods, but only by restarting your machine. Smooth!

    And of course, you can only update these apps via PSN. Could this be a vision of what might come via the MacOS App Store?

  9. Since you closed your comments on your most recent Avadon thread, I'll throw my thoughts in here: I love Avadon. It's a refreshing change of pace for me (even after having played many indie rpgs, like Eschalon). This is the first of your games that I've played, and it's already got me itching to buy another (I'll probably jump into the Geneforge series afterwards, to see how you tackle a more "open-world" approach, as others have phrased it). Just wanted to say, no matter what vitriol the RPG Codex spews at you, I became your loyal customer because of Avadon.

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