Thursday, July 9, 2009

Avernum 6 Announced.

I have finally gotten around to putting up screenshots and information for our next game, Avernum 6. It will be the final game in the very long Avernum series. I'm pretty excited about it. Its story is cool.

There is something very liberating about writing the last game in a series. First, you won't have to write any more. Second, you get to totally trash the place. Of course, it leaves me with the terrifying prospect of writing a whole new series. But, after Geneforge FIVE and Avernum SIX, I'm desperate.


  1. Is this gonna more linear in the style of the last few or more wide open like the first three?

  2. The new tiles and items do look pretty.

  3. It's got furries.

    The art looks great!

  4. Shame about the awful portrait art, the rest of it is looking pretty damn slick though.

  5. I can't decide which is the stronger emotion: sadness at the end of Avernum, or excitement about a whole new world.

  6. Graphics are looking really good!

    Who could imagine people saying that about a Spiderweb game ;)

  7. Ah, but there's one trick with being last. When Exile/Avernum 3 was the last in the series and you got to totally trash the place, did you end up regretting it when you had to put the place back together in A4?

  8. Ah, but there's one trick with being last. When Exile/Avernum 3 was the last in the series and you got to totally trash the place, did you end up regretting it when you had to put the place back together in A4?

    He trashed the surface, not Avernum. Note that we have never been back to the surface.

  9. Well, he gave the Tower of Magi a pretty good working-over too. E3 wasn't "Ruined World" just for fun!

  10. I remember as a kid I'd spend weeks building entire Lego cities (we had a LOT of Lego). When I'd finally run out of blocks to build anything at all, I'd take great joy in trashing the entire thing.

    Then Sim City came along and made that whole experience a whole lot easier.

    I'm not sure how I'd feel coming to the end of such a long journey. Even if destroying everything would be so much fun. I can understand wanting to move on, but at the same time I'd wonder whether I'd not end up regretting it down the track and end up having to do a crappy prequel or something!

    OR...imagine if Terry Pratchett stopped after 6 Discworld books!

  11. Just how old are Mycroft and Cordelia now?

  12. Those screenshots have me so anticipating the game. Expect to see my name on the rooster for the Windows testers.

    Hey Jeff. I'm not sure if this has occurred to you, but Battle Disciplines rock a lot. They were very greatly balanced in A5, but they didn't overpower anything. The problem was that mages and priest could get them with relative ease, which kinda defeats the purpose of Battle Disciplines giving Combat users an edge. This is just an idea, but perhaps instead of having Battle Disciplines accessible through boosting Melee/Missile skills, make it its own skill that's cheap for Combat Types but down right expensive for Mage/Priest types. Kinda like an Arcane Lore or Spellcraft but for Melee/Missile Users. Just a thought. :)

    Also, this feels a bit rude to point out, but you may want to look into Spears and Swords for A6. Spears are almost hands down better then swords because of the increased damage they do. The weight isn't a problem for Melee types, who would have high Strength anyway, and the loss of the shield doesn't hurt, mostly because shields tend not to protect you as much as it should to make it an actual consequence/benifit. :)

  13. I find that I've actually grown middle-aged on Spiderweb games, and the idea of not having Avernum/Exile around is a bit like being deported by Lord British from the worlds of Ultima. :(

  14. As always, it looks even better than the last game you made. It's amazing you've managed to consistently pull this off game after game. My grades are going to be ruined from this ;)

    Also, I can't wait to hear what the new series will be like..

  15. If you're playing Spiderweb games with the expectation of totally revamped graphics for each the kids say, ur doin it rong.

    Can't wait for Avernum 6, and I'm especially looking forward to whatever comes next. I've been around since the first version of Exile (remember brown caves instead of blue? I think I still have the floppies somewhere), and in a way it's good to see the conclusion of the series.

    I think there's a real dearth of good vampire-themed RPGs since VTM: Bloodlines back in ought four, but that's just me :-)

  16. Goodness me. Obviously, the graphics are still not top-of-the-line, cutting-edge stuff, but I do believe Avernum looks pretty for the first time ever. (Except for the amateurish portrait art.)

    I'm sure I'll love Avernum 6, whenever I eventually get to play it, but I find myself even more excited by the prospect of a brand new world to play in. :)

  17. That's pretty frickin' sweet, but I'd rather like the Vahnatai storyline closed. But introducing a Slith-based storyline that hasn't been touched since the first Exile... How does one rationalize Sliths in the party, now?

  18. Same way they rationalized humans in the party whenever the bad guys were humans? There can be good sliths and bad sliths.

    Jeff, have you looked into the Unity engine at all? It's very inexpensive as far as game engines go, intuitive to learn, and even without complex artwork it's pretty easy to make a graphically impressive game.

  19. I grew up playing the exile games, and after a while I got into Avernum. I'm sad to see it end, but end it must.

    I kind of wish a totally new game world wouldn't be made, but that some sort of prequel or sequel, taking place years and years before or after the events of Avernum 1-6, would be made. How about being an adventuring party who helps out the Five (Erika, Solberg, Patrick, etc.) in the original taming/colonization of Avernum? That would be sweeeet.

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