Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're Having a Sale.

Every year, we at Spiderweb Software hold a sale. It's a happy tradition we've carried on for all 15 years we've been in business. It's also a way of preserving my sanity. When we release a game, it sells a lot at first, but sales tail off quickly. A temporary discount gooses sales a little bit so that I get a break from freaking out as our cash reserves start to slip.

Then we release a new game and everything is OK. For a while.

We always make an effort to make the sale press releases funny. It makes it a lot more likely that web sites will print them. I'm not sure how professional it is, but it does get results. It's a pleasant perk of being alone and crazy.

Spiderweb Software October Sadness Sale!

October 1, 2009 - We at Spiderweb Software feel that it is being a long year. Continuing economic tumult. Everyone shouting at each other. The heat of summer fading into the winter's chill and damp. All it would take is an invasion of ravenous killer ants to truly make the year complete.

And this is why we feel that now, more than ever, is a good time to retreat into a fantasy world. And, if you can do it on the cheap, so much the better.

So, for the entire month of October, Spiderweb Software is having its Sadness Sale! Everything we sell is 10% off. A host of fine Indie fantasy role-playing games, for both Windows and Macintosh! The award-winning Avernum series. The just-released Geneforge saga, all on one disc. And remember, all of our games can be ordered on CD. It's a great chance to get a jump on the tiresome holiday shopping.

Still not sure? As always, all of our games have large, free demos. Stop on by!

Remember, nobody will hold it against you if you escape from reality for a little while. What's the point of being in the world if you can't drop out of it occasionally?


  1. I always take this as a sign that the next game is coming (once the sale ends).

    But this year you are up against the release of Dragon Age. I just don't have time to play all these games at once.

  2. @Walker: You're always up against the release of SOMETHING. I freaked out a little when I found out Geneforge 5 for Windows was going up against Wrath of the Lich King.

    Didn't make much of a difference in the long run. It never does. When you have finished Dragon Age, my games will still be there.

    - Jeff Vogel

  3. I am off to check if you ship to Switzerland. if you don't, then it will be a download. But first, I will get all the demos to choose what to buy (probably the geneforge collection). You can thanks the weak US$

    BTW, if you had only ONE game to recommend, which one would it be?

    For me at least, Dragon Age is the underdog against your games.

  4. Any chance of an additional discount on the Geneforge disk for someone who owns all 5? I like the idea of having them all on one disk if not for anything but for propensities sake.

    Who knows I might just have one too many at the pub some night and order the disk anyway.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Jeff's right about always going against something. I make indie point-and-click adventure games, and this year my latest game had to go against the new Monkey Island games, which are considered the holy grail amongst point-and-click fans. Not only that, but a new Monkey Island game was going to be released *every month* for five months, so it wasn't going to go away anytime soon.

    Still, it doesn't seem to have hurt my bottom line much. I don't think Jeff has anything to worry about.

  7. I have to say that I am loving avernum 5 and might order it soon. I am sure Dragon Age won't run on my PC anyway :)

    After Baldur's Gate 2, no other game has caught my eye as of yet. Avernum 5 is a serious contender, though

  8. Sorry for the many comments, but I have a doubt: Have you ever been approached by another games company with a purchase offer?

  9. I'm currently saving for the next Avernum, though I wish I had enough money to buy the current Geneforge after playing the demo. Such an awesome game! It worked perfectly all the way through on Wine under Linux. Maybe I'll eventually spend this money on Geneforge instead. Decisions decisions.

    Interesting to hear that your sale drop fairly quickly after release, as an independant developer myself, I'd been wondering about this recently. It comes to the question, would it be better to release many smaller games more often, or release fewer larger games less often. But of course your games are large AND released often (relatively), so that's really the best of both worlds :D

  10. See here that Geneforge will end! Demo as usual is perfect and huge!

    Perfect as usual.. some random ideas:
    - zoom in/out with mouse wheel,
    - destructable enviroment,
    - less combat into first minutes, more intersting chars

    keep working :D

  11. A tempting offer, but I fear Good Old Games have been ruthlessly stealing all of my non-AAA title game money lately. The PC release of Avernum 6 is a day-one purchase for me irrespective of pricing, though, and as Jeff pointed out the Spiderweb games will still be there when the Dragon Age has ended, the Mass Effect has subsided and the Alpha Protocol has been signed (if indeed that ever happens)...

  12. We do ship to other countries. And no, nobody has ever offered to buy us out. Sadly. :-)

    - Jeff Vogel

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