Thursday, September 11, 2014

On New Games, Rewrites, and the Pain of Higher Prices.

Fourteen years without an update is long enough.
We have finally announced our next new game. It's Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. It's a complete, ground-up rewrite of Avernum 2, which came out in 2000. It, in turn, was a rewrite of Exile 2: Crystal Souls, which came out in 1996. We at Spiderweb Software are about nothing if not integrity.

You can see a trailer and other info here. Avernum 2 is probably tied with Avernum 3 for our most beloved game, and I know a lot of fans are looking forward to a reboot. Now with better design (I hope), a better interface and graphics (in my opinion), and the ability to run on tablets (yay).

We don't half-ass our rewrites. This one is taking a full year. New material, new quests, a new dungeon, more dialogue, actual boss fights. You might not like our work, but you can't fairly say we're not trying.

But enough self-promotion. I've said a lot of overly self-assured stuff over the last few months about the state of the indie games biz. Now that I'm having to actually make hard choices and release games, I wanted to talk a little about how I'm adjusting to the New Game Reality.

Sometimes, you don't need a full 140 characters to drop the truth bombz.

We're Raising Our Prices.

I thought this tweet covered it perfectly.

I have said for years that indie developers have to be careful not to charge too little for our products. Most of us tend to the needs of small, niche audiences, and we have to make sure to set a price for our specialty products that enables us to stay in business. For a long time, our new RPGs were $20.

But then something happened I would never have predicted: The Indie Bubble. Almost overnight, there was a massive increase in demand for games like mine, and there weren't many good titles. All of a sudden, my games were getting the sort of placement on places like Steam we could never get in a normal environment.

So we reacted accordingly. We lowered our prices on Steam and similar services to $10, a price low enough to motivate people who stumbled on us on the front page of Steam to give us a try. Tons of people were seeing us for the first time, and we tried to take advantage.

Things have gotten back to normal. We are back to getting a modest amount of visibility and press, and most of our sales are from fans and members of our particular niche. Our last game, Avadon 2: The Corruption, sold a reasonable number of copies, but the $10 price didn't generate enough revenue to make writing the game worthwhile. We can’t run a sustainable business on $10 games.

So we're going back to the old days. Our new games, going forward, are back to being $20. We have to count on existing fans and retro RPG gamers to provide enough sales to stay in business.

It's terrifying. What if our audience isn't there anymore? What if there is now too much competition? What if my games just can't cut it anymore?

It's scary, but it's been scary since we started out in 1994. We've had times when we flirted with going out of business, and I'm sure we will in the future. But the days of universally cheap indies are over. A lot of small devs are raising their prices, and I'm one of them.

And look at the bright side: All of our games will be cheap eventually. Steam sales still exist, and we'll still put our older games out there with steep discounts. It'll just mean you'll have a longer wait until they are two bucks on Steam or show up in bundles.

One Implication Of This

I have always believed that if you're going to charge $20 for a game you have to have a demo. Ten dollars is cheap enough that you can get away with it. However, if you're going to charge $20 for a game you can't get a refund for, I feel you are ethically required to give a gamer a way to check it out and make sure it'll run on their machine.

Of course, we never stopped making big, meaty demos available on our web site. And we never will.

TL;DR version: This is how you should picture me.

Rewrites. Remasters. Remakes.

Indie game developers seem to be having a real Sophomore Slump problem. When I look at developers who had a hit, I'm not seeing a lot of really inspiring follow-ups.

Sure, there are a few developers (like Supergiant and Klei Entertainment) who have really managed to keep their momentum going. However, a lot of small devs who produce a great game either go crazy and quit, get caught in an infinite development cycle on a new product, can't even get started on a new product, or release a new product that's just kind of meh. I was smart and avoided this problem by never releasing a great game in the first place.

This is why I think you're going to see a lot of indie devs recycling their hits. Remastering them and releasing them on new consoles. Rereleasing them with new material. Doing full rewrites.

This is as it should be. It's good for developers and it's good for gamers.

For developers: Look. Writing a game is hard. Writing a good game is harder. Writing a good game and actually having it catch on and become a hit is catching lightning in a bottle. It's almost impossible. It almost never happens for one developer twice. If we let developers turn one hit into a career, it helps more developers make a living, which encourages the writing of more games.

For gamers: Look. If a game is fun, it doesn't stop being fun. Castle Crashers will still be awesome a decade from now, and I am surprised that it hasn't been ported to the new console generation yet. I talked to several developers at PAX about the expanded versions of their games that are forthcoming, and I'm thrilled. I liked them before, and I'll like their new levels on the PS4.

One of the things I've always hated about our art form is how it discards its classics as technology moves on. Anything that keeps good designs fresh and playable is all to the good.

A large part of my professional life now is acting as curator for the things I made when I was young. I spend my time trying to be respectful to the work of my younger self, bringing it into the modern day while preserving the stuff that made people love it in the first place. It's a very different sort of job, with its own challenges, but I do enjoy it. I wish more people did a better job of respecting what they made when they were young. (CoughGeorgeLucasCough)

So I guess what I'm trying to say is: I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 is one of my favorite games of the last console generation. If it comes out for a console with online matchmaking, that is the console I will buy. James Silva, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

When Will My Rewrite Be Out?

I've been shooting for early December, by my increasing old-person-exhaustion is making it hard to keep up the furious pace of younger days. The Mac and Windows versions will probably be out in January. iPad a few months after that. I don't know how to develop for Android and getting a good person to do a port is hard, so I'm not sure if that will ever happen.

And that’s what we’re up to in the Business World. New game soon. Hope you like it!


  1. I am 100% behind this trend! Incredibly insightful: Yes, the breakneck speed of technological and media cycling is not sane for game developers. It's silly that something which took thousands of hours gets tossed aside like refuse. it's one of the more toxic elements of our culture and it's something we should move away from. I will pay 20 dollars to play Avernum 2. I will pay 20 dollars to play Nethergate. I will pay many 20s of dollars to encourage someone to make a sustainable living at making good games.

  2. Sounds good. I'm still hoping to see it on Android though, as A:ETP on my tablet has been a great opportunity to return to Exile/Avernum. So while it probably won't affect any decisions you make, I'll just throw it out there that an Android version would be appreciated.

  3. I very much hope that this and Avadon 2 will come to Android eventually. I loved Avadon and Avernum on my Android tablet and would love to continue the adventures, but I'm not buying an Ipad and little things about the PC version kill it for me, like not being able to scroll the window with WASD (forcing it to the arrow keys makes the game unplayable to me on my laptop and if I want to play on my desktop I need to have my keyboard over the left hovering half-off my desk. Key rebinds PLEASE? ~puppydog eyes~

  4. Interesting that you're advocating splashy full rewrites every decade or so, when most of the software world is moving toward ever more frequent incremental improvements delivered as invisibly as possible. Is this a monetarization issue, i.e. the lack of a viable subscription model for games outside of MMOs? Or is it more about the difficulty of upgrading art assets piecemeal without trashing aesthetic consistency? Or something else?

    1. These sorts of systems are cool, but you have to design for them from day one. You can't just bolt them onto any old game and have a satisfying result.

      - Jeff Vogel

    2. I can't think of any single player RPGs that work on an incremental improvements model. Something like the Throne of Bhaal expansion might be doable for Spiderweb games, but my mental guesswork doesn't see how that would be more efficient (read: profitable) than using the time working on a new game. I believe expansion packs make money by leveraging code/asset reuse from a single game, something that Jeff already does across multiple games.

  5. Your games are well worth $20 so no problem here.
    You are one of the few devs that still make old school turn based RPGs so you will always have my business.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. So how much time does that actually save you though?

    If you completely redo the code, and completely redo the graphics, and completely redo the gui, why not just make a new game at that point?

    I would lean far far towards: sure if you can port the game to a new engine or recompile for new OSes. That is all most games need. Graphics do not need to be "improved". Yes, sometimes it is nice to go back and change some things that in hindsight were done wrong. But in general it is better to spend your energy doing new stuff, and in general the old game is not outdated and in need a new graphics, it just needs to be made runnable on the new OSes.

    1. Because people like rewrites and the Avernum games are awesome. A rewrite is 90% of the sales for 60% of the work. I've been doing rewrites since the late 90s, and it's almost always made everyone happy.

      - Jeff Vogel

    2. Jeff has been making new games, Avadon, Avadon II, and then Avadon 3 is planned.

      The remake of the first Avernum trilogy was to make them as uptodate as the second trilogy.
      I own and played all teh exile games, and still bought the avernum rewrites and I have also got the rewrite of teh rewrites. Why ? Because they are fkn Awesome! :)
      I will buy them as long as Jeff rewrites them,(As long as they have similar differences to what they have had each time so far)

  7. I first found Spidweb for Exile 3 in 5th grade! It was definitely the free demo that attracted me - might have been on AOL's old game library thing. I got hooked rather quickly and had never played a game quite like it before! I've played every game in the series since. (I somehow never got as into Geneforge) I just wish I had as many free hours to game as I did in 5th grade.

    Jeff - I would love to see another Nethergate inspired game! I always thought that series was a ton of fun and has much untapped potential. It was an enchanting game for a kid that loved Roman myth and history! Maybe a Greek adventure would be just as epic and interesting.

    I loved the opensourced nature of Blades of Exile - but it really relies on everyone joining in on the work. They really did for Blades of Exile.

    Keep up the good work and may the creativity flow easily for Avernum Crystal Souls!


    1. And don't spend all your money in one Temple!

      (wasn't that an old line from the early games?)

    2. I believe Jeff has said that Nethergate was one of his least successful games, and with a child and a mortgage he is frank about being risk averse.

      It would be totally awesome if a millionaire decided to throw money at Jeff for a couple years so he could do whatever he felt like. (Avernum 7: Spider Dating Sim?)

    3. Otome GIFTS game -- I will throw all my money at it.

      "You meet a Spider. It's eyes glisten and it's pedipalps twitch excitedly -- "Hi! I'm Spider! Welcome to Spider Academy! You're cute!" could basically be a glorified Hypercard stack. It'd be great!

  8. Why do you think that you will increase profit by raising prices? You seem to be assuming that the same number of people will buy at full price and in sales as now, except you will get more money off them; it's more likely that you will sell fewer units at all stages: full price on release, 50% off, 75% off etc.

    You will never get a good idea of how much people will pay from blog comments, forum posts etc. because people who are fans of game will pay any price and those are the ones leaving comments.

    1. He;s been doing this since 1994, I would say he knows how many sales each of his games has had, and how many are the same people who are loyal and buy the games each time no matter what, and many of us from his forum who have been there years always bought them from his website for more than we could have got them elsewhere. Why ? To support an awesome indie company, thats why. We dont want to see him go under.

      As you said 'fans will pay any price' (more or less) and its the fans that have kept him running all these years. I remember when his games were $28, then $25 for years. Then $20 and then the whole Steam, iStore , Hunmble Bunlde happened and the prices dropped to $10.

      Clearly Jeff has his reasons to up the price, and I would have thought that he has a good idea of where things are at, statistically. Staying afloat is what matters.

  9. "and the ability to run on tablets (yay)."

    Will the mechanics still be watered down on PC to accomodate for this? I really miss being able to have a full selection of spells, even if not all of them were necessary. I also miss being able to make parties of six. 4 just doesn't cut it.

    Swordsman, Spearman, Priest, Mage, Archer and Jack of All Trades.

    I agree with the price raise, though. $15 seems to be the sweet spot to me, but $20 could work.

    1. I'll pay anything for a Spiderweb game, but I do think 20 dollars is risky for a Spiderweb game on platforms like Steam and GOG.

      I think the marketability of Spiderweb games are kind of unique in terms of indies, though, in that they all look very, very similar. They re-use the same assets over and over to the point that if a more casual gamer owns one, I suspect they really don't see much need to own any more. Even more die hard fans who like any one game or series, might have a hard time justifying the purchase of a new one at full price if they still haven't completed the ones that came before. A point complicated by the fact that the humblebundle gave people access to every spiderweb game ever made for a pittance.

      So I'm not sure if price has much factor in sales or even the indie bubble, as much as just general diminished returns. Spiderweb is selling what looks on the surface to be the exact same product over and over, so I think a decline in sales is inevitable regardless of pricing or the state of the industry. Avadon sold well because in the context of Steam it was completely new. But with each subsequent game that Spiderweb releases, that "newness" is wearing off.

      Honestly, I think the biggest benefit in maintaining or increasing sales would be having a different art style for each series, which would help in distinguishing the games somewhat on the market. But I don't know what sort of budget Spiderweb can allow for their games (although seriously, how much can a new one really cost? You'd think they could crank one out for near zero dollars at this point, given that they reuse nearly all of their graphics and engine from game to game. I imagine profitability is more just about paying the living expenses of the Vogel household and the salary of their 1 employee than it is actually breaking even on the cost of making a game).

      But, like I said, I don't think 20 dollars is too much to ask for games of this size.
      I'm an obsessive Spiderweb fan who has played everything they've done (on torment, even!), so I know the games are more than just their graphics. Plus, I was introduced to the studio through Steam. So hopefully there are enough newer fans out there like me who will make the strategy of not messing with their formula at all, yet charging more for it, pay off.

    2. Another thought: Spiderweb might consider a strategy of releasing "special edition" versions of their games for harder core fans on their website. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd totally pay 60-100 dollars for a new Spiderweb game that comes in a Vogel autographed box with paper maps and other stuff like that.

      Giving fans a reason to pay more for the games at the website would be a great way of exploiting Spiderweb's main asset: their small, but very rabid and loyal, group of niche fans. It'd also be a great way of distinguishing the service that the Spiderweb store provides from GOG or Steam.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I'm not a huge fan of rewrites for narrative-driven games. One of the things I play RPGs for is the story, and if I've already heard it I'm less inclined to hear it again.

    But I will happily pay $20 for Avadon 3. Hell, I'll happily pay $30.

  12. put it on sale for 20 I would buy it. I love the games!

    1. :) me too :) They are some of the best rpgs ever made imo..I think the storys and teh worlds they are based in are fucking awesome! :)

  13. Pretty sure that this is Nintendo's modus operandi, particularly with Zelda, so you're in good company.

    1. Nintendo is trapped in the Zelda cycle: people praise their rewrites when they do something new, and people demand new stuff when they do rewrites.

  14. It's a pity that after the excellent Avadon port your games are not coming to Linux any more, with higher prices, each sold copy should count more an this should make much more sense.

    1. Believe me, it bugs me too. But I don't have room in my brain to develop for another platform, and we lost access to the guy who did the Avadon port. It's a tough problem, and we don't have a solution.

      All of this goes for Android too.

      - Jeff Vogel

    2. Sad to hear that, though I am glad to know you care... I do hope you will find a solution, there some people who do freelance porting, and I guess having Avadon ported properly doing others should be a breeze (after all they seem to share all the potentially problematic code i.e. input and display)

  15. Personally, I would gladly pay between $25-$30 for your games. I'm relatively new to the genre (more of a casual game player), and I just adore your particular style of RPG. I'm so glad to hear that you're rewriting the series! I hope that you have the opportunity to give the same treatment to the rest of your older games so that I can have the pleasure of discovering them.

  16. Could you do a Humble Bundle style "if you feel like it, pay me more money" thing? Because I'd love to throw $60 or so dollars at Avernum 2, and probably $100 at Avernum 3 redux for all the joy their Exile ancestors brought me as a young nerd girl back in the late 90s...

    1. You can always buy more than one copy and give them to people as gifts :)

  17. $20 is a steal for some of the best writing in the RPG business. I'm eagerly looking forward to both Avernum 2 and Avadon 3.

  18. What about shorter games? I know it's not your style but perhaps there is a place for a more abbreviated game--a novella instead of a novel. You probably hate that idea, but it does fit with another trend: having less time to play games as you get older (not only older--people have to work more in general to survive these days). Looking at it through my own selfish eyes, I have gotten several Spiderweb games over the years and have finished one. There is no way I will pay $20 for a game that is "huge, epic and many hours" precisely because I know I'll never finish it. That might not matter to me in a game that is not driven by narrative, but hell… I buy Spiderweb games for the story! You obviously know your business, so maybe returning to the days of yore is the answer. The world belongs to youngsters, I guess.

    1. Well, another option would be to release games in an episodic fashion: take the plot of one grand adventure, divide it into 4 to 8 smaller acts sold for 3-5 bucks each: you still have the sweeping narrative and huge lands to discover, but sold in bit-sizes that people who don't have 30-40 hours or more of free time per week. Of course, this method has led to blatant consumer abuse in the past, plus large RPGs like the Avernum series derive a lot of their appeal from the "this huge thing is your playground, have fun with it" argument.

      I suppose it could be conceivable to program a game where the regions introduced in earlier chapters stayed explorable in later chapters with new incentives to go back added: for instance, let's say that you begins the game in early fall of Fantasy Calendar Year 343: every chapter open access to a new province, and by the end of chapter 3, spring 344 is about to begin when your characters hop on a boat and cross the sea toward another land mass. By the time chapter 5 begins, you can send your party back to chapter 4's main port, buy a ticket, take a boat back to the lands introduced in chapters 1-to-3, except this time the game is flagged to be in late summer 345, and therefore, the lines spoken by NPCs reflect the passing of time, the long-term aftermaths of the past chapters can be witnessed, new quests become available, some of them linked to the aforementioned aftermaths... Of course, planning ahead, then coding, then finding and correcting all the glitches of such an episodic game would most probably represent too many work-hours for a tiny company like spiderweb, so I suppose it's going to stay a pipe dream.

    2. Wow. I don't know if you were being totally facetious, but I'm getting that developers can't cater to every audience. Going the other way, if you put the responsibility back on the gamer to complete a game, I suppose playing a game 40-60 hours over the course of a year should be easily do-able.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. For the people wanting to pay more for these games, I'm sure you can just tell Jeff that you'd like to pay $60 instead of $20. It's a pretty small company, and they've always been quick to respond to me.

    I bet you won't though :P

  21. I did this EXACT same thing. My games were $15, then we got on Steam and there was a huge demand for our stuff and it seemed like we were charging too much. So due to this (and pressure from Steam) I lowered my prices to $10. For awhile, it seemed to work. Our sales skyrocketed, then slowed.

    So for our last game I raised my prices back up to $15. The result? Not one complaint. NOT ONE. The sales numbers? Exactly the same.

    You are doing exactly the right thing. The people who buy your games at launch are the ones who would be willing to pay a bit more anyway.

    On the race to the bottom, it's time to run backward.

  22. Despite being a relative newcomer to your games (beaten Geneforge 1 and 2, working on 3) I'm continually impressed by your dedication to quality and your own style. I hope to someday make something as interesting as you do.

    If making excellent games for years isn't enough to persuade people to follow you despite a price increase, I honestly don't know what would. I certainly will.

  23. 'old days' does not mean $20 for a new game, it means $25!
    As a fan, I need to have a copy of each new game eventually, but I will try to save money. In the old days it meant waiting for November Sadness Sale. In the current time I will probably try to use You might consider only releasing new games on your website instead of Steam or so you can control the price better... but then you would also lose the exposure those websites offer to non-fans.

  24. I'm an indie game developer as well, and I'd like to thank you for all of your writing. It has guided me greatly these past five years.

    I'm up against the same dilemma, but my games just aren't worth breaking the $9.99 glass ceiling. I think my followers would walk.

  25. I'm not a huge fan of rewrites for narrative-driven games. One of the things I play RPGs for is the story, and if I've already heard it I'm less inclined to hear it again

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  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

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