Friday, March 11, 2011

My Very Brief Review of Halo: Reach.

Every game should have jetpacks.

(Actually, maybe a little explanation. My wife and I play every Halo and Gears of War game together in co-op. It's happy-close-couple-relationship-time.)

(Sadly, the single-player components of Halo games have gotten painfully phoned in. The kick-ass set pieces of Halo 3 have degenerated into long, tedious sequences of interchangeable roads and warehouses.)

(But Halo: Reach has JETPACKS. And that is AWESOME. For the three minutes it lets you play with them.)

(Every mission in Halo: Reach should give you jetpacks. You should be able to boing-boing-boing all over the dang place.)

(Actually, what's more, every game should have jetpacks. Dragon Age. Minecraft. Farmville. Rock Band. EVERY game.)

(Tetris should have jetpacks.)



  1. You should try and get your hands on Starsiege: Tribes or Tribes 2. Awesome FPS where everyone has a jetpack.

  2. We'd of probably found our way out of Avernum a lot faster with Jetpacks.

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  3. That's true edward, however we'd be bonking into the ceiling quite a bit too. I have to keep reminding myself that it is a cave system I'm running around in (replaying A1 at the moment).

    In this pre-transportation pylon timeframe, a jetpack would be VERY useful for zipping around...

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  4. This is why I loved (and highly recommend) Dark Void for the 360. There are a few valid complaints about it but the game is overall excellent and the game revolves around the jetpack.

    Seriously, Jeff. Give it a try. There's a demo you can download on the 360. Jetpacks ;)

  5. You should give Section 8 a try. Jetpacks all the time (though they have limited supply and cooldown)

  6. You should give Section 8 a try. Jetpacks all the time

  7. Exile had some kind of a Jetpack, the Orb of Something.

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  11. Death from above via jetpacks and rocket launchers. Nothing better.

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  15. Little Big Planet. Fun to play with the wife / girlfriend / SO / other friends. Has jetpacks. Total win.

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