Thursday, May 21, 2009

Early Information About My Next Game

I have put out some early, early information about Spiderweb's next game, Avernum 6, here.

I've been procrastinating about that forever, but I finally bit my lip and wrote something out. I suck at PR.


  1. I approve on making the item buffs significantly more powerful than the spell buffs. I almost never use anything other than energy potions/elixirs because it is not resource efficient. By putting the real power in expendable items you bring back the fun of ridiculous power, but force the player to use it wisely.

  2. Looking forward to this with all my heart.

  3. Sounds great! I've even got a Mac now, so I won't have to wait for the port

  4. Hey, at least this blog constitutes PR, so it's not like you're totaly slacking. :)

  5. I just noticed that this puts you a year between titles (last one being Geneforge 5 last Christmas). In recent years you have had a summer title. Now, I am not demanding, but I am curious: what is the delay this time? Is it changes to the engine or content creation?

  6. ZOMGZ!!!! DUAL-WIELD!! :D Thank you!! Hehe, I wonder who the mystery destroyers could be...

    You know, one thing I've always been waiting for is an introduction to the original Siths that exiled Sss-Thoss and that bunch. It sounds like they are uber powerful, maybe on par with the Vahnatai.

    Avernum: Origins... I've also been waiting for that for a long time! There's actually a few possiblilities there. Obviously, following the original Exiles settling the caves while fending off the Sliths and Grah-Hoth, but it could go even further back to the First Expedition. I just wouldn't want to be on Thralni's team...

    Oh yeah. For the love of God, X has to FINALLY drop an anvil on someone's head. Period. :D

  7. Avernum: Origins?!?! That would be freakin' awesome! What are you waiting for? Get started on that right away!

  8. Exile 3 was when I was introduced to dual-wield in computer games. I've been missing it since Avernum.

  9. @Walker: "I just noticed that this puts you a year between titles (last one being Geneforge 5 last Christmas). In recent years you have had a summer title. Now, I am not demanding, but I am curious: what is the delay this time? Is it changes to the engine or content creation?"

    We've done one title a year, put out for Mac for XMas, for quite a few years now.

    @Technomancer: Yes. I will finally address X's magical ambitions.

  10. I don't really have anything original to say, but I wanted to post my giddiness about what you've mentioned.

    Looks like this will be fun :-)

  11. I hope that X does not drop an anvil on his own head :( Old erratic wizards attract irony. Ferrarimagnetic? There's a pun in there somewhere.

  12. Avernum Origins would be a great gift especially for those who discovered your Exile series back in the late 1990's. Do please consider the idea, I am sure it would be very very very attractive for anyone to buy!

  13. Oh, this is all so very exciting.

    Jeff, I fully trust you to give this series the epic ending is deserves.

    Avernum: Origins [i]does[/i] sound like an interesting idea. Out of curiosity, where you refering to when Erika, Solberg, X and the like first were casted into Avernum, or when the first explorers from the Empire began explorering Avernum?

    Heh. I really, really would like to see an Anvil Spell. Maybe a side-plot could be made out of it, helping X make the final bits of progress on his Anvil Spell, like that Bennhold the Bandit King quest line in Geneforge 5. Just a suggestion.

  14. Frankly, I just wanted to spam my website at -- but eventually there should be a review for avernum 6 after it comes out. Like way, way, way, after. It might be a few years at the frequency I'm posting things currently.

  15. I'm eagerly waiting for this. Very curious.. Is it going to be a Free Games?

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  17. Jeff, the link is dead right now.

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